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Color Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access Tool

Color Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access Tool

The Most Suitable Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access Tool,makes the procedures more Easy, more Efficient, more Precise, more Safe,more Standardized and lower Cost, lower Anxiety,less Pain.

Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access has been in clinical practice for more than 30 years and has been increasingly utilised for target vessel visualisation to minimise complications and increase success rates during vascular cannulation.


Make ultrasound easier and more efficient to use.

Provide increased precision and control during procedures.

Reduce additional hospital costs associated with complication.

Reduce the learning curve for complex procedures.Provide the ability to track the needle tip all the time, Decrease number of needle passes, Increase patient safety:Reductio of anxiety and pain.


                The Inevitable Trend                

►The United Kingdom Institute of clinical technology bring ultrasound- guided central vein puncture catheterization into standard operation in national promotion on Sep. 2002.
The United Kingdom bring ultrasound guidance into work standards in 2007.
The United States Echocardiography and Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists Assiociastion altogether introduce guidelines for ASE/SCA ultrasound guided vascular intubationdeep vein puncture should be performed under ultrasound in 2011.
Intensive Care Medicine magazine issued International evidence-based recommendations on ultrasound-guided vascular access in 2012:Ultrasound guidance has to be suggested as the method of choice for any kind of vascular cannulation given its higher safety and efficacy. These recommendations were discussed and made by the experts in Netherlands and Rome, which consist of 17 members.



Boot in one second and you can enter into working status immediately.
Simple operation,short learning curve for you without ultrasound experience.
High integration, small size, only 185g, you can place it in your pocket, easy to carry.




Integrated handheld color ultrasound, built-in probe, your cable aseptic problem can be solved.
Integrated handheld color ultrasound, built-in touch and display screen ,you can working independently not need connecting to tablet,solves the following problems:
Your eyes have to constantly switched at puncture and screen before,now you can focus on the puncture point.
You need someone else to operate the machine before,and now you can complete the vascular puncture by yourself, with probe in one hand and needle in the other hand.
Wireless connection has delay and Carton problems occasionally, especially in complex network environments, which is limited by the principle, regardless of using 2.4 or 5 G, all manufacturers have,and now you can always get a smooth image.
The tablet or smartphone is not easy to place when you use wireless or usb ultrasound, especially in the operating room. Many times, another doctor holds it or puts it directly on the patient.Now you can hold it by yourself.
The technique of puncture enhancement helps you puncture more reliable.
It can match the special guide slot for puncture, making the puncture more accurate.




Intelligent control,so you can operate with one hand, and you can learn and use it very easily.
Intelligent preset, set optimal parameters for each application;intelligent memory, automatically enter the last shutdown interface every time you boot.
Intelligent measurement:automatic measure vessel diameter, flow velocity and blood volume with very simple operation,ideal for applications those need assess vascular flow, such as dialysis.
Dual screen display: the built-in display screen and wireless connected mobile screen can be displayed at the same time, and can be observed by multiple people, suitable for consultation.
Full sealing design: it can be short soaked and disinfected, beneficial to strengthen infection control.
Wireless charging: you can charge anywhere.




  Scan mode:

  Electronic linear array scanning.


  7MHz & H10MHz.


  128 elements.

  Scanning Depth:

  20-50mm, Adjustable.


  Dual screen vision, Integrated screen and Smart phone or tablet screen.

  Supporting system:

  iOS, Android.

  Display mode:

  B, Color, PW, Volume.

  Image/video Storage:

  Store on mobile phones,Tablet PC.


  distance,area,velocity,heart rate,s/d,auto blood volume.


  by built-in lithium battery.

  Battery Continuous working time:

  3 hours in B mode.



  Net Weight:

  185 gram.


          Standard Configuration          

 Host   * 1 Unit
 Wireless charger  * 1 Set
 charge cable   * 1 Set
iOS APP   Android APP


 Anesthesia, ICU, intervention, tumor, catheter, emergency:
visual guidance of cvc, picc, port, long and midline catheters, radial artery, femoral artery and vein, nerve block and other puncture visual guidance.
 Renal and Hemodialysis center:
establishment and maintenance of vascular access, visual guidance of Dialysis puncture.
 Pain, rehabilitation, Physiotherapy:
visual guidance of diagnosis and treatment, such as soft tissue lysis, effusion extraction, etc.
 Plastic surgery:
visual guidance of cosmetic surgery.